Swine Producer

Swine producers are professionals in growing, maintaining, and providing a safe, high quality meat to the consumer. There are three major types of swine herd operations. They are farrow-to-finish, farrow-to-feeder, and feeder-to-finish. Each of these swine herd operations has different responsibilities throughout the growing process. A farrow-to-finish enterprise involves managing, breeding and farrowing sows, as well as, feeding offspring until they reach a market weight of about 240 pounds. A farrow-to-feeder pig operation involves breeding and farrowing sows. Most feeder-to-finish operations buy feeder pigs when they weigh thirty to sixty pounds and feed them to market weight.

Much of the swine production in the US is changing over to corporate contract growing. In this type of arrangement, the producer provides the land, labor and facilities and the company provides the feed and some management advice and marketing. The producer may get feeder pigs delivered from a feeder pig producer, also on contract with the company, and raise the pigs to market weight on feed delivered by the company. When the hogs are of market size the company picks up the hogs, delivers them to the processing plant and pays the producer a set fee.