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CTAE Administrators Budget / Form Information    
Click here for FY2018 Budget Request Information for CTAE Administrators. All Budget request information is due April 1, 2017.

Georgia's Agricultural Education is composed of over 65,000 Agricultural Education students. Georgia Agricultural Education is dedicated to providing quality agricultural education resources and education to each student for Curriculum resources and SAE Development.

The Georgia Agricultural Education Program is composed of three integral components:
  • Classroom instruction
  • Supervised agricultural experience (SAE)
  • Student organization (FFA)

  • Educational Games Online    
    These games are designed to be used by Ag Ed students to help review and learn different Agriculture topics.  Please email with suggestions for changes or corrections on any games. 

    Food Processing Facilities    
    Georgia is home to 28 Food Processing facilities hosted through the local Agricultural Education departments. These food processing centers offer a local location for community members to can their own products. Each of the facilities offer their services at a minimum cost to the community members. Some facilities have quart sized cans for purchase, as well as offer to process glass jars supplied by the customer. Facilities also offer different services which may include shelling, washing and blanching of peas and butterbeans, peeling potatoes; some even  are able to process meat.

    Georgia Agricultural Education Annual Reports    
    The Georgia Agricultural Education Annual reports are a compilation of records and accomplishments of each school year.  Click this link to view past and present annual reports for Georgia Agricultural Education. 

    Horticulture Exhibits at the Georgia National Fair    
    Please visit this link for helpful information for the Horticulture Exhibits at the Georgia National Fair. Please contact your Area Horticulture Teacher if you need more information. 

    Industry Certification    
      The purpose of the Agriculture Education Certification Program is to promote high quality instruction by recognizing schools, which have outstanding programs in Agriculture Education. Meeting industry certification standards is an indication of: a well-trained teacher, excellent local support, excellent curriculum that meets standards, facilities and equipment, and complete program participation including classroom/laboratory, FFA and SAEP.  The Agricultural Education Industry Certification Program is coordinated jointly through Georgia Agricultural Education and Georgia Farm Bureau.

    Students enrolled in Georgia Agricultural Education have many SAE opportunities.  One of the SAE opportunities available to Georgia Agricultural Education students is raising and exhibiting livestock.  Georgia FFA members exhibit more than 2,000 head of livestock in junior livestock shows across the state & nationally each year.  

    Monthly Report Tips    
    The monthly report tip sheet and sample monthly report was created to help Georgia Agricultural Education teachers complete their monthly reports.  Please contact your Region Director if you have specific questions on your extended year days/ hours.  Please contact Christa Steinkamp if you questions regarding the login / monthly report system.  

    Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)    
    Students learn by doing with the SAE. Agricultural Education teachers assist students in developing an SAE project based on their interests.

    Teach Ag in Georgia    
    Georgia has more than 400 agricultural education teachers in Georgia, but each year the demand outreaches our supply. Georgia has more than 290 chapters with more adding each year. We need qualified teachers in Georgia to teach our students Agricultural Education!

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      Christa Steinkamp
    Agriculture Education Curriculum Office
    216 Four Towers
    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602-4356
    Phone: 706-552-4460
    Fax: 706-552-4462

    John "Chip" Bridges
    State Program Manager Agriculture Education
    Georgia Department of Education
    1752 Twin Towers East
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    Phone: 404-657-8311
    Fax: 404-656-5911

    Richard Woods
    Georgia School Superintendent
    Georgia Department of Education
    2062 Twin Towers East
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    Phone: 404-656-2800
    Fax: 404-651-8737

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