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Agricultural Mechanics Technology I (01.42100)    
  Course Standards      
  Lesson Plans      
00000-0.0 General Safety in Ag. Ed.
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.1 Orientation to Ag. Ed. & Agriculture
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.2 FFA Basics
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.3 History and Future of Agricultural Education and FFA
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.4 Ag Leadership & Personal Developmentt
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.5 Supervised Ag. Experience Programs
AG-AG-AMI-01421-01.6 Career and Professional Opportunities and Organizations in Agricultural Education and FFA
AG-AG-AMI-01421-02.1 Orientation to Agricultural MechanicsR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.1 Demonstrating Electrical SafetyRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.2 Identifying & Maintainence Electrical ToolsRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.3 Selecting Electrical MaterialsR (r)pv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.4 Preparing & Connecting Wires to Elec. DevicesRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.5 Basic Electrical Terms and TheoriesRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-03.6 Exploring Careers in the Electrical IndustryR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-04.1 Exploring Careers in WoodworkingR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-04.2 Demonstrating Woodworking SafetyR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-05.1 Identifying and Maintain Woodworking HandtoolsR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-06.1 Identifying Types & Grades of LumberR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-07.1 Identifying Fasteners & GluesR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-07.2 Planning a Woodworking ProjectR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-07.3 Constructing a Woodworking ProjectR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-07.4 Finishing a Woodworking ProjectR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-08.1 Exploring Careers in Small Engine MaintenanceR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-08.2 Demonstrating Small Engine SafetyR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-08.3 Identifying Small Engine PartsR (R)
AG-AG-AMI-01421-08.4 Using Small Engine Service ManualsR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-08.5 Performing Services for Small EnginesR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-09.1 Exp Careers in the Ag Mach IndustryR (R)
AG-AG-AMI-01421-09.2 Safe Op of Agricultural TractorsRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-09.3 Servicing and Maintaining TractorsR (R)pv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-10.1 Exploring Careers in Metal Fabrication IndustryR
AG-AG-AMI-01421-10.2 Demonstrating Metal Fabrication SafetyRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-11.1 Identifying and Using Hand Tools and MaterialsRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-12.1 Metal IdentificationRpv
  Teaching Materials      
Ag. Mechanics Differential Leveling and Web Soil Survey Activity
Field Notes Work Sheet_Differential Leveling and Stadia Hairs
Field Notes_Differential Leveling
Ohm's Law Lesson
AG-AG-AMI-01421-10.1 pp Identifying+Metals+and+Their+Properties
AG-AG-AMI-01421-11.1 pp Identifying and Using Hand Tools and MAterialsRpv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1 pp basicelec
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1 pp Demonstrating Electrical SafetyPV AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1 pp Electrical construction Safety
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1 pp Electrical_Safety
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1 pp Wiring
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.2 pp Identifying & Maintenance Electrical ToolspvAG-AG-AMI-01421-3.2
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Basic Electrical Terms and TheorypvAG-AG-AMI-01421-3.5
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Basic Electrical Theory PPT
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Electrical_Conductors
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Electrical_Principles_and_Wiring_Materials
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Electrical_Switches_&_Receptacles_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Special_Purpose_Electrical_Switches_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Switches_and_Circuits
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Switches_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Three_Way_Switch_Course_01422-6 PPT
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.3 pp Types_of_Electrical_Power_Tammy_H
AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.4 pp Electrical_Receptacles_Buster H
AG-AG-AMI-01421-4.1 pp Safety_Colors_Quiz_Josh_Allen_Dec_2003_created_in_XP
AG-AG-AMI-01421-4.1 pp Shop_Safety_Mike_Tesnohlidek
AG-AG-AMI-01421-4.1 pp Woodworking_Safety_and_Color_Coding_Course_01421-1.2
AG-AG-AMI-01421-4.1pp Lab Safety & Facility Mgmt Trainingpv PPT09
AG-AG-AMI-01421-7.2pp Tractor HISTORY & TYPES
AG-AG-AMI-01421-7.3pp Tractor Safety
AG-AG-AMI-01421-7.4pp Preventive_maintenance
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Preventive maintenance pv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Tractor Accident Investigation 2
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Tractor Accident Investigation 3
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Tractor Accident l Investigation 1
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Tractor Accidents-Odditiespv
AG-AG-AMI-01421-9.1 pp Tractor Safety
Differential Leveling-1
English Micrometer video clip
Pipeline Welding - A Day on the Hot Pass
UCI Media - Hand Tools
Vernier Caliper4 video clip
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