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Floriculture Production and Management (01.46200)    
  Course Standards      
Floriculture Production Management Course Standards
  Lesson Plans      
AG-FL 01.462-01.1 Orientation to Ag. Ed. & Agriculture
AG-FL 01.462-01.2- FFA Basics
AG-FL 01.462-01.3- History and Future of Agricultural Education and FFA
AG-FL 01.462-01.4- Ag Leadership & Personal Developmentt
AG-FL 01.462-01.5 Supervised Ag. Experience Programs
AG-FL 01.462-01.6- Career and Professional Opportunities and Organizations in Agricultural Education and FFA
AG-FL 01.462-02.1 Overview_of_the_IndustryNewest.Revisedth
AG-FL 01.462-03.1 Plant_Structures-1 Newest.Revisedth
AG-FL 01.462-04.1 Plant_Growth_ProcessesNewestRevisedth
AG-FL 01.462-05.1 Plant_Taxonomy NewestRevisedth
AG-FL 01.462-05.2 Plant_IdentificationNewestRevisedth.
AG-FL 01.462-06.1 Site_SelectionNew.Revisedth
AG-FL 01.462-06.2 Types_of_Greenhouse_StructuresRevisedth
AG-FL 01.462-07.1 Watering_and_HumidityNew
AG-FL 01.462-07.2 TemperatureNew
AG-FL 01.462-07.3_Light_ControlNew
AG-FL 01.462-08.1 Introduction_to_SoilsNew
AG-FL 01.462-08.2 Soilless_MediaNew
AG-FL 01.462-08.3 Homemade_MediaNew
AG-FL 01.462-09.1 Materials_Used_for_ContainersNew
AG-FL 01.462-09.2 Types_of_ContainersNew
AG-FL 01.462-10.1 Sexual_PropagationNew
AG-FL 01.462-11.1 Asexual_PropagationNew
AG-FL 01.462-12.1 Proper_Nutrition_for_Healthy_PlantsNewest
AG-FL 01.462-13.1 Introduction_of_ChemicalsNewest
AG-FL 01.462-13.2 Chemicals_and_Their_UseNewest
AG-FL 01.462-14.1_Types_of_Fertilizers - Newest-2
AG-FL 01.462-14.2_Fertilizer_Cost - Newest
AG-FL 01.462-14.3_Handling_and_Storage Newest
AG-FL 01.462-15.1_Pests_of_Greenhouse_Crops - New
AG-FL 01.462-15.2_Types_of_Pest_Management_Control New
AG-FL 01.462-16.1_Greenhouse_Crops New
AG-FL 01.462-17.1_Importance_of_Floral_Design New
AG-FL 01.462-17.2_Making_a_Bow New
AG-FL 01.462-17.3_Wrapping_a_Potted_Plant New
AG-FL 01.462-18.1_Introduction_of_Marketing- New
AG-FL 01.462-18.2_Advertisements_and_Promotional_Aids New
AG-FL 01.462-18.3_Determine_Pricing new
  Teaching Materials      
Floriculture Documents (NAAE-Amanda Cook)
AG-FL 01.462-03.1 Plant_Structures-1 Newest.RevisedthPP
AG-FL 01.462-06.2 Types_of_Greenhouse_StructuresRevisedthPP
AG-FL 01.462-07.2 TemperatureNew1
AG-FL 01.462-08.1 Introduction_to_SoilsNew1
AG-FL 01.462-10.1 Sexual_PropagationNew1
AG-FL 01.462-10.2 Asexual_PropagationNew1
AG-FL 01.462-12.1 Proper_Nutrition_for_Healthy_PlantsNewest1
AG-FL 01.462-13.1 Introduction_of_ChemicalsNewest1
AG-FL 01.462-14.1_Types_of_Fertilizers - Newest-2 PP
AG-FL 01.462-15.1_Pests_of_Greenhouse_Crops - New PP
AG-FL 01.462-15.2_Types_of_Pest_Management_Control New PP
AG-FL 01.462-17.1_Importance_of_Floral_Design New PP
AG-FL 01.462-17.2_Making_a_Bow New PP
AG-FL 01.462-17.2_Making_a_Bow New PP2
Greenhouse Pest Management 2008
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