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Nursery and Landscape (01.47000)    
  Course Standards      
Nursery and Landscape Course Standards
  Lesson Plans      
AG-NL-01.470-01.1 Orientation to Ag. Ed. & Agriculture
AG-NL-01.470-01.2- FFA Basics
AG-NL-01.470-01.3- History and Future of Agricultural Education and FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.4- Ag Leadership & Personal Developmentt
AG-NL-01.470-01.5 Supervised Ag. Experience Programs
AG-NL-01.470-01.6 Career and Professional Opportunities
AG-NL-01.470-02.1 Defining the Green Industry
AG-NL-01.470-03.1 Identify Landscape Tools & Equipment_DG_DEC2008
AG-NL-01.470-03.2 Lawn Mower Safety_DG_DEC2008
AG-NL-01.470-04.1 Classify Plants_DG_DEC2008
AG-NL-01.470-04.2 Classify Plants R Stone
AG-NL-01.470-05.1 Growing Media
AG-NL-01.470-06.1 Prepare Planting Site
AG-NL-01.470-07.1 Interpreting the Landscapestone
AG-NL-01.470-08.1 Install Plants_DG_DEC2008
AG-NL-01.470-08.2 Prune Nursery Plants rstone
AG-NL-01.470-09.1 Price a Landscape Plan
AG-NL-01.470-10.1 Insects and Related Pests rstone
AG-NL-01.470-10.2 Weeds
AG-NL-01.470-10.3 plantpests
AG-NL-01.470-11.1 Irrigation Systems
AG-NL-01.470-12.1 Identify Turf Grasses
AG-NL-01.470-13.1 Prepare a Production Plan
  Teaching Materials      
Drawing hardscape, mulch, and ground covers - landscape plan
Drawing Trees_Landscape Plan
engineer-architect-scales (1)
Georgia School Garden Calendar
Intro to Landscape Design Project
Landscape Design Client Interviews
Landscape Drawing Video Series Student Worksheets
LD Intro Project Rubrics
Lettering Practice
lettering student handout
Nursery Landscape Career Project
Outdoor Room Design Challenge
Pace Lab Worksheet
pH Preferences Plant List
pH Preferences.Worksheet
Poster Project - Investigating Green Industry Organizations
Principles of Landscape Design Student 5 phase Project
Principles of Landscape Project - 5 phase - Student Worksheets
Recreating a Landscape Drawing
Soil Sampling Brochure
Soil Sampling Worksheet
Steps in Starting a School Garden
Steps in Starting a School Garden
Turf Grasses of the Southeast Class Project
Using Robots in the Nursery Industry - Video & Worksheet
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p FFA_and_You_Course_01012
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p FFA_Handbook_Ch_1_Casey_Osksa
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p FFA_Membership_Types
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p History_of_the_FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p The_National_FFA_Bill_Flanary-1
AG-NL-01.470-01.1p Today's_FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.2p Chapter_Operations
AG-NL-01.470-01.2p FFA_and_You_Course_01012
AG-NL-01.470-01.2p History_of_the_FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.2p Today's_FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.3p FFA_and_You_Course_01012
AG-NL-01.470-01.3p History_of_the_FFA
AG-NL-01.470-01.4p Interviewing
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p Careers_in_Agriculture
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p Introduction_to_SAE
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p Planning_and_Conducting_an_SAE_Program
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p SAE_as_we_practice_it_today
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p SAE_Introduction_to_SAE
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p SAE_Series_SAE_1_Introduction_Casey_Osksa
AG-NL-01.470-01.5p SAEs_Cara_Hutchins
AG-NL-01.470-01.6p Career_in_Landscaping_and_Turfgrass
AG-NL-01.470-01.6p Careers_in_Animal_Science
AG-NL-01.470-01.6p Careers_in_Crop_Protection
AG-NL-01.470-01.6p Overview of Industry
AG-NL-01.470-02.1p Exploring_the_Horticulture_Field_Sept_2005
AG-NL-01.470-02.1p Ga_Green_Industry_2003_Hamlin
AG-NL-01.470-02.1p Green_Industry_Overview_2006
AG-NL-01.470-03.1p Nursery Landscape_Equipment_ID by Holli Bowman June 2002
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p Hort Unit 2 - Rebecca Johnson
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p Horticulture_Terms_J_Green_July_2005
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p How Plants are Named
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p How Plants are Named-1
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p Naming_Plants
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p Plant Taxonomy
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p Plant Taxonomy-2
AG-NL-01.470-04.1p The Magic of Plant Naming_Joe Green
AG-NL-01.470-04.3p Floriculture Plant ID - Jr FFA - by Keith Wall_Sept_2005
AG-NL-01.470-04.3p Horticulture_Plant_ID_1_Sept_2005
AG-NL-01.470-04.3p Horticulture_Plant_ID_1_Sept_2005-1
AG-NL-01.470-04.3p The Magic of Plant Naming_Joe Green
AG-NL-01.470-05.1p Envirothon_soil_Introduction
AG-NL-01.470-05.1p Growing - The Nutritional Angle - W. Nelson
AG-NL-01.470-05.1p Growing_Media
AG-NL-01.470-05.1p Soil_Characteristics
AG-NL-01.470-06.1p Preparing_the_Planting_Site_Hamlin
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Balance
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Designs_Linda_Rist
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscape Design - Joel Wondra
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscape Principles by Andy TenHuisen June 2002
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscaping Series-Analyzing Landscape Site-Nancy Williams-1
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscaping Series-Analyzing Landscape Site-Nancy Williams-2
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscaping Series-Des-Construction_Maint-Nancy Williams
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p Landscaping Series-Des-Construction_Maint-Nancy Williams-1
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p The Principles of Landscape Design
AG-NL-01.470-07.1p The Principles of Landscape Design-3
AG-NL-01.470-08.2p Arboricultural_Pruning
AG-NL-01.470-08.2p Arboriculture
AG-NL-01.470-08.2p Preparing a Vegetable Garden - Melinda Goplin
AG-NL-01.470-08.2p Pruning-Linda Rist
AG-NL-01.470-08.2p Using_the_Science_of_Computation
AG-NL-01.470-09.1 Landscaping Series-Analyzing Landscape Site-Nancy Williams
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Constructing_Concrete_Forms_Course_01421-6.5
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Establishing_Lawns
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Establishing_the_Lawn
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Geometry_for_Landscape_Course_01463-4
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Landscaping Series- Designing the Landscape- Nancy Williams
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Landscaping Series- Working with Customer- Nancy Williams
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Lawns-1
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p The Principles of Landscape Design-1
AG-NL-01.470-09.1p Watergardens.Hamlin
AG-NL-01.470-10.1p Integrated_Pest_Management_VA_Tech_1999-1
AG-NL-01.470-10.1p Lawn maintenance
AG-NL-01.470-10.1p Lawn Renovation - Michael Shew
AG-NL-01.470-10.1p Turf_Selecting_Lawn_Grasses
AG-NL-01.470-10.2p Integrated_Pest_Management_VA_Tech_1999
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Intro to Plant Pests
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Plant Pests
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Weed ID by Steve Kay June 2002
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Weed_ID
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Weed_ID_of_Crops
AG-NL-01.470-10.3p Weed_Management
AG-NL-01.470-11.1p Houseplant Care
AG-NL-01.470-11.1p IrrigationSprinkerSystems.Hamlin
AG-NL-01.470-11.1p IrrigationSprinkerSystems.Hamlin-1
AG-NL-01.470-12.1p Hort Unit 2 - Rebecca Johnson-1
AG-NL-01.470-12.1p Plant Taxonomy-1
AG-NL-01.470-12.1p The Magic of Plant Naming_Joe Green
AG-NL-01.470-12.1p Turf_Selecting_Lawn_Grasses
AG-NL-01.470-12.2p Turf_Selecting_Lawn_Grasses
AG-NL-01.470-13.1p How_Do_You_Start_In_Business_ Freeman
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KSTP/ABC Bailey Nursery Uses Harvest Automation Robots for Time Consuming, Dull Job
Landscape Design - Site Planning - Part 1
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