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Agricultural Mechanics Technology II (01.42200)    
  Course Standards      
  Lesson Plans      
AG-AG-AMII-01422-01.2 Servicing & Maintaining Small Engines New
AG-AG-AMII-01422-01.3 Repairing Small Engines New
AG-AG-AMII-01422-01.4 Operating Small Engines New
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Basic Wiring -Service EntranceNewpv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.3 Basic Wiring- Installing Circuits Newpv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.3 Basic Wiring- Installing Circuits Newpv-5
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.5 Using Electrical Test Equipment New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Identifying Tractor Power Systems New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Servicing and Maintaing Tractors New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.2 Safe Op of Ag Mach New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.3 Attaching and Removing Implements New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-04.1 Construction of a Project New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-04.2 Constructing a Woodworking Project New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-04.2 Woodworking Project Using Power Tools New(R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-04.3 Finishing a Woodworking Project New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-04.3 Preserve a Woodworking Project New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-05.1 Power Woodworking Tools New (R)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-06.1 Adjusting & Setup of SMAW Welding Equip. New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-06.2 Using Stationary Metal Workng Equip New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-06.3 GMAW Welding Operations New (R)pv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 Welding & Cutting with Oxy-Acetylene New (Rpv)
AG-AG-AMII-01422-08.1 Planning a Metal Fabrication Project Newpv
AG-AG-AMII-01422-08.2 Constructing a Metal Fab Project Newpv
  Teaching Materials      
Field Notes Work Sheet_Differential Leveling and Stadia Hairs
Field Notes_Differential Leveling
AG-AG-AMII-01422-01.1 Chemical APP & Protective Clothing
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 electrical Test Equipmentpv AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.5
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Electrical_Receptacles_Buster H
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Electrical_Switches_and_Receptacles_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 GFCI-W
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 GFCI_Receptacles_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 gfci1
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Grounding the Electrical System
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Planning Circuits-Size and Type SEP-H. Milligan
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Planning The Electrical System-H. Milligan
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Planning_Electrical_Circuits-R. Talton
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Single_Pole_Switch_Course_01422-6
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Special_Purpose_Electrical_Switches_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Switches_and_Circuits PPT
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Switches_Buster_H
AG-AG-AMII-01422-02.1 Three_Way_Switch_Course_01422-6 PPT
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Attaching and removing ImplementsV AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Demonstrating Machinery SafetyPV AG-AG-AMI-01421-3.1
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 idfarmequipmentmartin
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 NAPNewDevelopmentsWeb
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Preventing Farm Entanglements
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Preventive maintenancepvAG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Skidder Accident Investigation 1
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Tractor Safety
AG-AG-AMII-01422-03.1 Tractor Systems
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 ArcWeldingBasics
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 chapter06oxy
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 GMAWMIGWelding
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 oxy acet
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 Oxy-Acetylene Welding
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 oxyacetylene[1]safety
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 SMAWStickWeldingLincoln
AG-AG-AMII-01422-07.1 weldingoxy
AG-AG-AMII-01422-08.1 Demonstrating Machinery SafetyPV AG-AG-AMII-01422-08.1
Differential Leveling-1
Reading a Vernier Caliper
Reading an English Micrometer
Using Stadia Hairs to Determine Distance
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