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Turf Production and Management (01.46500)    
  Course Standards      
Turf Production Management Course Standards
  Lesson Plans      
00000-0.0 General Safety in Ag. Ed.
00000-0.0 Letter Writing
00000-0.0 Reading - Cloze Reading
00000-0.0 Reading - Comprehending Procedures 1
00000-0.0 Reading - Self-Selected Vocabulary
00000-0.0 Reading - Three Level Study Guide 1
00000-0.0 Reading- What you Know & Want to Know
00000-0.0 Resume and Cover Letter1
00000-0.0 Supervised Ag. Experience Programs
00000-0.01 Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development
00000-0.02 Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development
00000-0.03 Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development
00000-0.1 Orientation to Ag. Ed. & Agriculture
01.465-01.01 leaves, stems, buds, roots
01.465-01.02 Flowers, beauty and purpose
01.465-01.03 food chain starts here
01.465-01.04 Plant power energy and water
01.465-01.05 Perpetuating the species
01.465-01.06 what makes plants do what they do
01.465-01.07 plants cant live without it
01.465-01.08 some like it hot
01.465-01.09 Getting down and dirty
01.465-01.1 Post-Test.Turf
01.465-01.1 PreTest.Turf
01.465-01.10 Water is critical
01.465-01.11 Read the label
01.465-01.12 IPM and BTM
01.465-01.2 Post Test.Turf
01.465-01.2 PreTest Turf
01.465-01.3 Post Test.Turf
01.465-01.3 Pre Test.Turf
01.465-01.4 Post-Test.Turf
01.465-01.4 Pre-Test.Turf
01.465-01.5 Post-Test.Turf
01.465-01.5 Pre-test.Turf
01.465-01.6 Post-Test.Turf
01.465-01.6 Pre-Test.Turf
01.465-02.01 The turfgrass Industry
01.465-02.02 Job opportunitites in the Lawn care business
01.465-02.03 Related Job opportunities in lawn care business
01.465-02.04 basic turf grass morphology
01.465-02.05 turfgrass growth and the environment
01.465-02.06 warm season turfgrasses and southern lawns
01.465-02.07 cool season turfgrasses and northern lawns
01.465-02.08 transition lawns
01.465-02.09 lawn establishment and renovation
01.465-02.10 mowing lawns
01.465-02.11 fertilizing lawns
01.465-02.12 watering lawns
01.465-02.13 managing soil compaction and thatch build up
01.465-02.14 lawn weeds and control
01.465-02.15 Lawn diseases and control
01.465-02.16 Turfgrass insect pests and controls
01.465-02.17 turfgrass sod production
01.465-02.18 turfgrass seed production
01.465-03.01 golf industry
01.465-03.02 career opportunities in the golf industry
01.465-03.03 related job opps in golf course mngt
01.465-03.04 parts of a golf course
01.465-03.05 Mowing golf courses
01.465-03.06 fertilizing, fertilizer fate & the envir
01.465-03.07 irrigating golf courses
01.465-03.08 soil cult & addtl pracs on golf courses
01.465-03.09 turf diseases and controls on golf courses
01.465-03.10 turf grass weeds and control
01.465-03.11 insect pests and controls
01.465-03.12 integrated pest management and the environment
01.465-04.1 careet opportunities in sports turf industry
01.465-04.2 types of sports fields and management
01.465-04.3 turfgrass used for sports fields & mngt
01.465-04.4 are you on the level
01.465-04.5 Be there or be square
01.465-04.6 So, you wanna play ball
01.465-05.1 sit selection for a sod farm
01.465-05.2 managing the turf crop
01.465-05.3 Propogation of sod
01.465-05.4 lawn mower safety
01.465-06.1 select and layout business site
01.465-06.2 prepare a market and pricing strategy
01.465-06.3 develop a customer service plan
  Teaching Materials      
Career Awareness (Interview Q's)
Career Awareness (Presentation template)
Career Awareness WS 1
Cool vs Warm Season Grasses PPT Template
Growing in the World of Turfgrass - Career Awareness Lesson Plan
Growing in the World of Turfgrass - Career Awareness PPT Presentation Rubric
Growing in the World of Turfgrass - Learning Activity #1
Growing in the World of Turfgrass - Learning Activity #2
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